Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Do We Need A Fresh View of God?

In the early 1800's leading up to The War of 1812, the British had their eye upon the Mississippi River. Whoever controlled this great body of water would have crucial access to the interior of the United States.

Therefore, the War Department sent marching orders to the Tennessee militia, led by Andrew Jackson, to descend the Cumberland and the Mississippi to New Orleans to defend against a seaborne British assault.

But could a rag-tag militia ever be inspired to defend a river? The answer was, yes, once they had a view of it.

Jackson and his men piled into thirty boats and headed down the Cumberland River. After a brief delay where the Cumberland and the Ohio met, the chronicler of the voyage got a thrill at the Mississippi.

"Who can withhold his emotions while viewing the beauties of this august river, this Father of Waters?, he wrote. "It is the grand reservoir of the streamlets from a thousand hills...The production of every climate are destined to float on its bosom."

In his book Andrew Jackson : His Life and Times, H. W. Brands commented, "To see the great river was to know why it must be defended, why it must remain American."

In troubled times, Isaiah (Isaiah 6:1) was granted a fresh view of God, seated high upon a throne. Isaiah could not withhold his emotions as he faced with the beauty of God's holiness. This fresh view of God inspired Isaiah to confess his sin and his unholiness, and ultimately offer himself in service to God by saying, "Here I am, send me."

Yes, we do need a fresh view of God. And may He graciously grant us this.

Pastor Van

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