Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Pulling For The Nice Guy

Opening day for baseball was yesterday.  Now I'm not a huge fan of baseball, but this year I'm going to keep a closer watch, especially on the National League – particularly on the St. Louis Cardinals.

Yes, I know that most people around this area most likely will pull for the Cincinnati Reds, but not me.  I'm pulling for the Cardinals.

My reason is very simple – Trevor Miller is a relief pitcher for the Cardinals.  Trevor and his wife Pari were once members at C.C.C., back when Trevor was, interestingly, signed with the Reds.  Sadly they had to leave us, when Trevor moved on to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Someone told me they recently heard a baseball commentator speak of Trevor, saying that he was known as "the nicest guy in baseball."  Wow!  What a compliment.  And from what I remember of Trevor, I would have to agree 100%.  The Miller's were and still are a dear family.

And by the way, here's an opening day highlight – Cardinals 11, Reds 6.

Pastor Van

Easter 2010

We set the target, we aimed, and we hit it – and then some!  Our goal at C.C.C. was to have 500 in attendance for our Easter services this year, and at the end of the day we had a grand total of 529 – praise the Lord!

This is a great tribute to our congregation, for we would not have reached our goal without their diligent effort.  Many within our church family have been inviting friends and family members for weeks.  Simply put, our success was not the result of a brilliant publicity campaign, nor was it the result of a community mail-out campaign (though I think there is nothing wrong with that approach), rather, our success was the result of our dear people inviting people.

O how I thank God for our caring people.

Pastor Van