Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Won By The Creator

I was recently interviewed for a documentary on the subject of creation/evolution. A crew flew from California, came to our home, and interviewed my wife and I for nearly 3-hours, allowing us to freely share our faith.

In preparation for the interview something dawned on me. Though this was indeed an important issue, there was something far more important. Let me explain.

The majority of Americans hold to a belief in creation. According to a recent USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, two-thirds said creationism, the idea that God created humans in their present form within the past 10,000 years, is definitely or probably true.

Now I certainly can't account for how these individuals came to embrace creationism, but I can tell you how I did. First, but not the most important reason, I came to understand that the principles of evolution are built upon a theodicy - an attempt to reconcile the goodness and justice of God with the existence of evil in the world.

For Charles Darwin, the question was: How could divine creation be reconciled with evil that is in nature? In other words, Darwin was not motivated toward evolution by direct scientific evidence, but by his perceived problems with divine creation - God wouldn't do it this way, so here's what I think happened. (An excellent resource for further research is Darwin's God by Cornelius Hunter.

Still, my most important reason for embracing creationism is because the Creator won my heart. You see, when I was convicted of my sin my initial question was not Gee, I wonder whose got it right, creationists or evolutionists. Goodness no! That would be like fighting for a window seat aboard the Hindenburg. Instead, my concern was In my sinful, condemned state, is there any hope for me? And the gospel of Jesus Christ said "Yes"- and He won my heart. Once I was won by such a Savior it wasn't difficult for me to believe that by Him, through Him, all things were created in heaven and in earth.

This brings me back to the important issue - Isn't it possible for a person to say they believe in creationism, but still not know the Creator in a saving way? You see, merely believing creationism as opposed to evolution does not save. According to the Scriptures, a person is saved by believing in Jesus Christ.

Where a person stands on this issue will not impress God, especially if one has failed to receive God's Son, who died in our place for our salvation. Besides, once a person experiences the amazing, costly love of God in Christ, your heart will be won. Then you'll have a new set of eyes in which to see God's creation.

Pastor Van Morris

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brotherlee said...

What does not make sense is that the chance of creation by chance is much greater than that of winning the lottery where the chance of a divine creator is at worst 50/50. How many people would rush out of to buy a lottery ticket if they had a 50% chance of winning, yet how many refuse Jesus and eternal riches, some might even be standing in line at the gas station buying their lotto ticket?