Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Open Mic. Sunday" - A Concert of Praise

   On Sunday morning, May 17th, we had what we coined as "Open Mic. Sunday".  This was an opportunity for our church family to collectively offer praise unto God for His many blessings over the past 32-years.  It was a memorable day indeed.

   Men and women, mothers and fathers, young and old, all came together for a concert of praise.  There were those who have been at C.C.C. since the founding of the church.  There were those who spoke who have only been with us for a short time.  However, everyone who shared something blessed God, Who deserves all the glory.

   It was a splendid time to reflect upon God's faithfulness and to rejoice in His marvelous deeds.  I feel certain that everyone in attendance felt empowered to face the new challenges we have as a congregation.  I know I did!

Pastor Van

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