Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Meeting

   On Wednesday evening, May 20th, we had a prayer meeting.  Let me explain why.

   As we near the day of our first worship service in our new worship facility, we have had plans of visiting our new neighbors, inviting them to join us for worship.  However, recently I was in Ohio for a pastor's conference and while I was there the thought occurred to me that we should gather and pray before we went out into the community.  By doing so, we would be declaring our dependency upon God, saying that our hope of great ministry does not lie in a new facility, but in the God of all creation.

   So we gathered and prayed.  One by one, men and women came forward to the microphone and offered prayer concerning a variety of topics.  It was a beautiful time, a time that many missed out on, (don't worry, we will be doing this much more!)  I am very grateful for all who did come and participate.  God was honored and we were helped by Him.

   As I mentioned, we will be doing this more on Wednesday evenings.  I'm convinced and convicted that we should.  There are many reasons why we should, however, let me offer one by Peter Masters:

"In the prayer gathering, preoccupation with ourselves as individual believers slips away, and we become a group of people longing for the blessing of others, and for the prosperity of the cause [of Christ].  In the prayer gathering we are refined and honed as a united body of people.  It cements unions, and promotes respect.  We hear each other pray; we subordinate ourselves to each other; we appreciate each other….The church that prays together stays together."

Let's stay together church.

Pastor Van

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