Thursday, June 18, 2009

C.C.C. is Shining In Mt. Washington

Kathryn and I had lunch today at one of the sandwich shops in Mt. Washington.  The lady who waited on us commented kindly about the church.  "Your church building is beautiful!  Even my little girl said, 'Wow mommy, look at that church, it's pretty.'"  We thanked her and moved on through the line. 

After a couple of minutes she mentioned that she had visited our recent yard sale at Fisher Lane.  She commented that she had bought some of the baked goods and that they were very good.  She then said something that thrilled my heart. 

"I just want you to know that I'm really impressed by the unity of your church."  At first I wasn't sure just what she meant by that, however, she went on to elaborate further.

"Your church seems to be a real family – nor just on Sunday – but every day."

I'm still not sure specifically what she meant by her gracious comments, but this one thing I do know: People are watching.  They are looking for something deeper than the physical structure of a building.  The question they are likely asking is: Are the people inside the building real?   Is church making any real difference in their life?   And when they find that it is, they take notice.  So shine on Calvary, shine on.

Pastor Van 

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