Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our First Service In The New Building

Our first service in our new building was this past Sunday (May 31st, 09'), and my, my, it was an outstanding day!  In addition to it being beautiful weather outside, the presence of the Lord was beautiful inside.   As we sang 'Holy, Holy, Holy' I could see the look on people's face, many weeping for joy, many smiling with delight.  It was a great day.

We even had to set out chairs out in order to seat everyone who attended.  We estimated, conservatively, our attendance to be at least 450.  Many in our church family invited their family and friends to come and worship with them on our special day.  It was so very kind of them to come and celebrate with us.

There were some personal challenges for me, getting used to all the new – the new building, the platform heighth, the new microphone (it's called a countryman.  It reminds me of something Garth Brooks would wear!), the acoustics, all of this was a bit un-nerving.  After all, I've been used to the old building now for 15-years.  I guess I had gotten rather comfortable.

Now we move on to the "dedication service" this next Sunday.  I'm expecting another great day with God's people.  I hope you'll be there!

Pastor Van

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