Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Leave Fleshly Debris on Someone's Road to Faith

It is estimated that road debris causes 25,000 accidents per year, as well as nearly 100 deaths. Road debris can be caused by various factors, including natural disasters and weather, specifically wind, storms, tornados, hurricanes etc., or objects falling off vehicles. 

On November 8, 1994, Ricardo Guzman, a Mexican native, was driving a truck on I-94 near Milwaukee. A bracket over a mud flap assembly dangled from the rear of his truck. Other truckers tried to warn him over their CB radios, but Guzman understood no English. Next the metal assembly fell. Reverend Duane "Scott" Willis, his wife, and six of their nine children were behind him. Debris from Guzman's truck punctured Willis' gas tank causing an explosion that killed the children and seriously burned Willis and his wife.

As this story so sadly illustrates, obstacles in our path can be deadly.  Imagine the horror of being responsible for such a disaster.  May that never happen.

As Christians, we need to beware of leaving any obstacles in the path of those who may be on the road to faith.

Recently I was in one of my local convenient stores and I overheard what sounded like a disagreement between a customer and a young lady behind the counter.  I wasn't paying much attention till I actually came to the counter to pay for my item.  The patron, a man, had already left when I heard the young lady say to her co-worker, "You know, he's a preacher."  To which the co-worker responded, "He sure has a dirty mouth for a preacher!"

My heart sank.  Fleshly debris had been left in their path. I grieved because of what had been left in their way, and shuddered at the thought that I would ever be responsible for such a disaster.  O Father, may that never happen.

Pastor Van

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